Why biography?

That too an authorised biography..? This authorised biography has got the support of the subject i.e., Mr. SushilKumar Shinde, who has actively involved in compiling this book.

Some biographies, autobiographies such as Booker T Washington, Mahatma Gandhi's My Experiments with Truth are nothing but a guiding light for individuals to reform . They have been inspiring innumerable young minds and the old alike for generations together. This fact triggered me to write the biography of a very ordinary (There were many smart vendors) street vendor, a school dropout, a pilferer, a boy peon and what not … who rose to become the Home Minister of India.

When probed what was the screen play that this gentleman could have written to make a box office hit, I found a few events that brought a vibrant twist in his life… Very ordinary events… true… you and I encounter in daily life, but the application was meticulous and mind boggling... I took those softwares and woven the story to reinforce a powerful line: Possibility is mind related… Not age, economic richness, caste, Creed, region and religion related… If you are capable to tune your mind, you can break mountains.

Common… just read a few pages of epilogue… if you are inspired then read the book… Else drop it… You could have wasted many hours in the past… I request you to waste a few more minutes to read the epilogue… Are you ready?

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